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Lean Manufacturing 4.0

Choosing to apply the principles of Lean Manufacturing within your company's organization is one of the smartest steps for any manager looking to move forward in the business. 

Also, in today's competitive world, being one step ahead of everyone else is a major advantage. Thus, Lean manufacturing can be the turning point for your entire organization.

Many companies that have tried lean manufacturing have experienced production growth of up to 25%; cost reductions in key areas of the organization; and have developed a more personal relationship with the company as an identity. 

This is due to an effective lean manufacturing implementation plan.

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How mature is your organization?

First, planning for lean manufacturing implementation begins with top management. After defining the departments and production areas that need immediate attention, the planning of the lean manufacturing implementation begins. 

For example, reducing the production time to 10% and list the steps to achieve this.

Thus, there are many detractors for the implementation of Lean manufacturing. Many say that the principle is quite simple to understand; reduce the seven wastes (overproduction; waiting time; inventory; waste processing; movement; underutilization of people; and manufacturing of defective products) in a company. However, money is lost in the actual implementation of lean manufacturing.

For this reason, creating a plan for implementing Lean manufacturing in a department can be very useful. You can measure the success of this approach in quantifiable ways; such as percentage growth in production time or reduction in production time to meet predetermined company goals.

To this end, ask for your free audit and benefit from the expertise of a SYRAM engineering consultant, who can clearly show you all the steps to follow in order to perform a risk analysis for a successful implementation of Lean manufacturing using digitalization.

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Consulting in industrial maintenance, Lean manufacturing vision


Industrial management


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Maintenance consulting is SYRAM's core business. We analyze and structure your maintenance department for increased reliability with an efficient maintenance management system.

As a result, your maintenance problems disappear with maintenance management processes that increase equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and generate more operating benefits.

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Project methodology, Lean manufacturing vision

SYRAM's methodology is designed to be applicable in many contexts. Each phase of the methodology is supported by a comprehensive set of tools and techniques developed and refined since 2014. The content of each phase of the SYRAM methodology is flexible and based on the unique objectives of the project.

Thus, the main objective would be to allow your management system to reach the necessary maturity to fully benefit from the digital transition.

continuous improvement


A comprehensive review of existing processes and procedures that identifies the organization's strengths, opportunities and challenges. Key recommendations are identified and supported by a business case. The assessment phase provides quantified descriptions of the organization's current strengths while identifying other industry best practices that the organization could gain value by adopting.

Management expectations

SYRAM has developed a detailed plan; uses sound project management fundamentals and executes the implementation plan. Operational teams develop revised processes and procedures to capture opportunities for improvement. Overall, the management expectations document then becomes the directive for the implementation planning and design group. An operational team is then led through the development of improved processes. Finally, dedicated training and field coaching promote ownership and retention within the organization.

Planning and implementation of your transition to Lean manufacturing

A clearly defined process for reviewing the results of the evaluation; obtaining leadership alignment and commitment; and understanding the recommendations. Thus, key deliverables from these sessions include establishing project boundaries; milestones; and implementation deliverables. These sessions prioritize and clarify a set of new practices or habits that the executive team would like to see implemented. This includes defining the expected deliverables of the implementation as well as any specific desired characteristics or attributes of the work processes.


Structured one-on-one coaching in the field for key personnel to ensure that processes are being followed and managed as intended.

Support and coaching - Digital transition

SYRAM incorporates maintenance elements throughout the methodology. Thus, specific methods are applied to ensure knowledge transfer at all levels of management, ensuring that process changes are sustained over time with clear governance and control.

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