First turnkey solution for Industry 4.0

Syram has specialized in industrial management consulting since 2014; SYRAM is today the only company that offers turnkey solutions to serve Industry 4.0.

Mainly designed for process industries, SY solutions deliver a complete offer to generate real-time operational performance indicators from field data.

SYRAM - Our history


Following several years of experience in industrial operations management with global leaders; as well as a career as a consultant in industrial optimization; NAJI Faouzian automation engineer, and founder of SYRAM; noted that " the biggest barrier to the digital transition was the lack of time for managers". who have neither the time nor the energy to manage a heavy digitalization project that requires a lot of resources in terms of time and investments. 

SYRAM then developed a turnkey digitization solution, preconfigured for process industries and whose installation requires only a few hours per production line without any need for adaptations or prior studies.

From now on, thanks to our solutions, managers can finally focus solely on their decision making and let artificial intelligence take care of the rest.

The commitments of our cloud provider


Our scope of intervention


SYRAM resellers are trained and certified partners who sell and implement SYRAM solutions. We work in partnership with resellers to be always closer to our customers.

Through our network of qualified dealers and installers, SYRAM is currently present in 10 countries and three continents. 

Contact us to find the nearest dealer.

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