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Increase your control of the future with predictive maintenance

predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance - A perfect control of the state of the installations

The predictive maintenance allows you to plan maintenance interventions well before production is interrupted, i.e. when they do not yet have an impact on the availability of your equipment.

Therefore, the optimal process would be to entrust this mission to an artificial intelligence algorithm that will communicate to you in real time the probability of breakdown of each of your machines; to allow you to react with efficiency in your planning of maintenance stops, the supply of spare parts and especially in the control of the availability rate of your production equipment.

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Example of the application of an artificial intelligence model

Simplified application example of an artificial intelligence model optimized for predictive maintenance; designed to predict the failure of a spindle motor with the combination of linear regression logic and decision tree.

First, the prediction is defined by the probability of failure and the number of days until failure. 

Thus, an alarm is sent by email in case of a sudden change of one of the prediction parameters.

predictive maintenance definition

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