Industry 4.0 for industrial performance

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industrial performance

The parameters of industrial performance control

Condition of the facilities

Operational performance

Quality of execution

Operational performance

Advanced calculations are continuously performed to monitor industrial performance such as:

  • Monitor the condition of production facilities
  • Their performance
  • The quality of execution
  • Yield losses.

All of this, in real time, to help you make the best decision in the minutes following an incident. So, you will have at your disposal all the tools allowing you to take the most efficient decision (TRS/OEE, TRG, MTBF, MTTR, Quality rate, Availability rate, Performance rate, ...).

Also, control your production parameters to get the most out of your existing equipment.

Also, thanks to SYRAM's industrial performance analysis you will increase production volumes without sacrificing quality.

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Indicators for measuring industrial performance

Units produced

counting by a photoelectric cell at the exit of the production line

Quantity of scrap / Units produced

Hourly Six Sigma Analysis

Dispersion of the quantity of units produced per hour

Amount of waste

Subtraction between the count at the exit of the line and at the entrance of the line

Production time / Opening time

Average repair time

Performance rate X Quality rate X Availability rate 

Pareto of causes of production stoppage

Analysis of the causes of production stoppages over a given period

Average time between two breakdowns

Actual production / Theoretical production

Pareto of failures

Analysis of failures over a given period

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Industrial performance monitoring dashboards

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